Dedicated and Custom Platforms

With our versatile Platform you can benefit from a proven expertise handling large databases of scientific data, assembling, normalizing, consolidating data to make decisions and build successful research portfolios.

Platform #1

Organism-based assays:

Ectoparasites and vectors assays
Endoparasites assays
Model-organisms assays

Their key advantage rely on the measurement of phenotypes independently of molecular target assumptions. We developed a whole pipeline of assays to allow highthroughput with high value assays for hit identification, lead optimization as well as resistance evaluation. Active compounds in organism-based assays have not only to act on their targets but also have to cross biological barriers, resist metabolization and reach one or more targets causing an effect at the whole – organism level.

Measure Phenotypes on Living Organisms in High-throughput

Screening Platform

In-Vitro Assays Based
on Living Organisms
  • Measure the effect of chemical compounds on fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gastrointestinal nematodes and model organisms (C. elegans and D. melanogaster), including genetically modified strains
  • Machine vision algorithms to assess phenotypes
  • Advanced behavioural assays (large choice of different repellent assays) and dynamic concentration exposure

Express ion-channels or transporters overnight and profile small molecules


  • Fully automated two-electrode voltage clamp system (TEVC)
  • Expression in Xenopus oocytes of ion channels and transporters
  • Target based screening, mode of action and resistance mechanism elucidation
  • Use of whole organisms to perform in-vivo electrophysiology

Platform #2

Electrophysiology assays:

Electrophysiology assays

Electrophysiology assays represent our second main domain of activity. The Xenopus oocyte expression system allows to express functional ion-channels in the membrane of individual cells and measure their physiological function.

We measure the effect of compounds on ligand-gated ion-channels, voltage-gated ion-channels, GPCRs and transporters. Oocytes are injected with cDNA or cRNA encoding the receptor of interest using an automated injection platform (Roboinject). The effect of compounds on the heterologously expressed channels are recorded using an automated two electrodes voltage-clamp automate (HiClamp, Multichannelsystem).

Platform #3

Custom services in
Research & Development:

Enzymatic assays

Research projects often necessitate the creation of tailored protocols to test specific hypotheses. Our team is eager to take on projects that involve research and development. To ensure that we can address any new challenges that may arise, we make use of our extensive expertise in Animal Health and the development of new protocols to cater to your specific needs. We are committed to providing you with the best possible solutions to your research projects.

Secure & Get Reliable Results within your Intellectual Property

Custom services in
Research & Development

Custom Services
in Research & Development
  • Development of protocols
  • Target specific studies with organisms, mode of action studies, synergistic effects, target validation and resistance studies
  • Development of customized software and hardware with focus on robotics and machine vision

Available Assay Categories

We are proud to present our list of validated assays for testing small molecules and natural extracts (e.g. peak correlation from HPLC extracts), many of them being compatible with HTS campaigns. We propose assays on nematodes, insects, acari, sea lice, zebrafishes as well as enzymatic and electrophysiological assays on Xenopus laevis oocytes (functional assays on reconstituted ion-channels and transporters from invertebrates and vertebrates).