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Positive review for Electrophysiology

October 2021

“As with previous studies, they have taken great care to ensure that the agreed protocols and experimental conditions were optimised to deliver results that fit well with the objective and have been clear and prompt in their communications with us throughout the workplan. The final report was clear and well structured, as was the derived data that was provided to allow further scrutiny of the results. We regard Invenesis as a valued and trusted partner in our research.”

Positive review for Electrophysiology

August 2021

“I will work with Invenesis again. I have come to rely on their very professional service, thorough investigations and speedy response to quote requests and any questions that arise either in the course of the study or following the issue of the final report. The reports are very clear and well structured such that very little additional work is required in the presentation of the results to stakeholders.”

Positive review for Electrophysiology

February 2020

“The work was delivered to a very professional standard with a fast turnaround. I was impressed with the quality of the report which was clear, well structured and easy to navigate. Most important for me though, was the level of customer communication throughout the study, which was always clear and with fast response times. This was especially important because intermediate results indicated where adjustments to the study plan could improve the quality of the outputs, and recommendations were fed back to me as soon as potential issues became apparent. I feel confident Invenesis provide a high level of stewardship throughout a study and so I would definitely work with them again.”

what the industry says :

Tobacco Industries

“Invenesis has in-depth and unique expertise in testing synthetic small molecules, natural products and plant extracts against parasites of human and veterinary importance, as well as in elucidating modes of action by electrophysiology on specific parasite receptors. Our collaborations with Invenesis have been very insightful to accelerate our innovation programs.”

Dr. Julia Hoeng, Global Head of Discovery , Philip Morris International

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